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Is the Door Handle Easy to Replace?

Pulished on Aug. 09, 2022

Your existing doorknob may need some TLC or replacement, but is it DIY or you need a handy-man. A good doorknob can be used for 25 years or more. But some components do wear out and occasionally fail without proper attention.


Is the doorknob easy to change? Yes, most doorknobs are easy to change. Changing the doorknob is one thing. Deleting them is another matter. If you are considering replacing doorknobs, you need to know some details about how they are installed.


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Not all doorknobs are the same.

If you are going to change the door handle, please bring the door handle and a picture of the closed door, showing the handle position and incision, which will help us to help you.

Alternatively, measuring the size of the rose plate and the actual cut size on the door will provide some good information on what to look for as an alternative.

Some doorknobs require a large (70 mm+/-) hole incision, while most doorknobs require only a small 25 mm incision.


First of all, we should ask why the doorknob is changed.

Is that so:

A) they are old and you want new ones-possible problems.

B) they droop or do not work properly-they may need to be repaired.

C) I do this every few years to annoy my husband-maybe get a divorce.


Second, if necessary, you will replace the door or repair and / or paint. This is the question your DIY or handyman will answer after checking the door. You need to know whether the door is still valid or whether it should be replaced.


Third, are these handles locks, bolts or privacy? Is the lock, latch, or privacy valid or problematic? You need to replace them. This may mean more DIY and handyman intervention.


It is not uncommon to find that your high-quality doorknob is still in good condition after 20 years, but the latch or lock fails. Or, if the finish of the door handle looks old, you can choose a powder-coated finish.


Remove the doorknob.

Generally speaking, most doorknobs are easy to remove. Most doorknobs are fastened to the door with screws, while some are fastened with flat screws. Some fixtures will be hidden under the external rose plate. Some may have double fixed s-side screws.


Look for screw head type, flat head screw, or hidden fixture:

1. The visible captive screws can be removed using the appropriate screwdriver.

2. The hidden fixture will have a cover or outer rose wreath that can be unscrewed counterclockwise or a slide on a lid secured by a rubber seal.

3. The European handle is likely to push the lid, which requires extra care to remove. There should be a small insertion hole at the bottom of the cover. Using a small word screwdriver, you can pry open the lid. Be careful to remove the flat head screw first! Please pay special attention to these, as you may damage the door in the process.



The replacement problem will depend on the new handle fitting.

The idea might be that if you're not a DIY person, it's better to find a handyman.

But before you make a final decision, you need to ask if the new doorknob.

A) install the holes in the door and.

B) whether it is necessary to resize or fill an existing notch.


If we have a handle and a picture of the door showing the incision, we can point you in the right direction. That's why we recommend that you take them with you.


Like for like.

It will be relatively easy to replace with the same kind. Assuming that the same handle is still available and the accessories have not changed, DIY can be very simple.

The style and design of the doorknob have indeed changed. You may find a handle of the same shape, but the fitting has changed and may require additional door work to replace it.

You may find "the same" handle, but it is made by other manufacturers, which may affect the price.



It may be possible to repair your existing doorknob. For example, this may involve replacing the spring or upgrading the latch.

Some of the older handle springs have surrendered and the parts are no longer available and can be reused with upgraded heavy latches.

Again, we need to see it to determine the best action to take.


Refurbished doorknob.

If your doorknob looks old and old but still works, we may provide a refurbishment option.

Older brass handles may be refurbished. We can replace the spring, cam, or even clean the surface of the handle. Some may be suitable for powder coatings.

Bring us one or two handles so that we can evaluate them for renovation.


New door, new handle.

If you want to replace the door, then the new handle should not be a problem, we have a lot to choose from.

There are many kinds of doorknobs, but if you know what you like or what you like, we can help.

Our website will link you to some of the best doorknobs in the world. You just need to decide which one is right for you.

I'm not sure.


If you are not sure what you can do, please send us one or two pictures so that we can know about you. Or bring a handle with a picture of the door to show and tell.

This will enable us to provide some suggestions or options and the direction to be taken.


Over time, doorknobs are often ignored. The first installation is new and shiny, and then it's just part of the furniture.

We tend to change chairs and paint, and then consider always working, opening and closing the door of the lonely doorknob, year after year, with little or no TLC.


Come to visit.

The doorknob opens the door to the future.

Is the Door Handle Easy to Replace?cid=5

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