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How High Should A Deadbolt Be On A Door?

Pulished on Feb. 03, 2023

Deadbolts are a popular addition to any entrance door, providing added security due to their design and durability. If you plan to install one of these deadbolts on your door, you may be wondering how to measure where it should go. For your convenience, we have carefully studied the height of the latch on the door.

Unlike standard locks on door handles, where the latch sits on the latch plate of the door frame, Deadbolts have a stronger locking mechanism, making them ideal for exterior doors on your property.

When installing a latch on a door, it is important to consider how far it will be from any existing handles and the bottom of the door frame. The latch and the door handle should remain approximately 6 inches apart. The bolt should normally be approximately 34 to 48 inches from the bottom of the door frame. However, it is best to consult your local building code before installing a deadbolt. Local building codes will indicate the recommended door handle height, which is critical for latch installation. If the latch is installed at a higher height, the structure of the door may be compromised. Installing the latch near the doorknob will provide maximum protection against kick-in attempts. However, installing the bolt too close to the door handle can also affect its practicality.

Residential Deadbolt

Are All Doorknobs the Same Height?

Since the doorknob determines the height of the bolt, it is important to understand the height difference. Building codes allow you the freedom to install doorknobs within 34 to 48 inches of the house floor.

However, the most common height for building contractors is about 36 inches, which is the most convenient height for people. Doorknob height is also important for accessibility and meeting ADA codes. 

There are situations that affect the height of door handles, such as people who use wheelchairs. Lowering the door handle will greatly improve accessibility for the occupants of the home.

How to Install the Bolt?

Tools Required

  • Deadbolt lock set

  • Screwdriver

  • Drill and drill bit set

  • Ear muffs, goggles, gloves

  • Hole saw kit

  • Tape measure

  • Tool knives

  • Wood chisels

Step-by-step Guide

  • Determine the height of the bolt to be installed. Consider its distance from the floor and the door handle.

  • Use the template provided in the bolt lock set to mark the center of the location. Set it 2 3/8 inches from the edge of the door unless the package provides a different size.

  • Use the same template to mark the location of the hole in the side of the door where the latch will be located.

  • Use a hole saw to cut a hole for the latch. Perform this step carefully to ensure the hole is straight.

  • Use a spade bit to cut the latch hole at the same speed.

  • Place the latch plate around the latch hole and trace around the edge.

  • Use a chisel to cut away excess wood until the board is flush with the door.

  • Insert the latch into the hole and screw the plate into place.

  • Install the latch through the door and secure the ends with screws.

  • Install the impact plate according to the template provided.

  • Mark the center of the door frame and use a spade bit to drill the holes for the latch.

  • Remove excess wood from the door frame with a chisel to allow the impact plate to lay flat.

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