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What are the benefits of tubular locks?

Pulished on May. 20, 2023

Whether you live in a spacious mansion or a small apartment, the safety and security of the occupants of your home must be paramount. We're going to discuss one specific type of lock that you might end up using in your home or business: the tubular door lock. While the name tubular locks may not be familiar to you, they're ubiquitous and you're sure to use them in your everyday life. We believe that with more introductions you will realize their importance.


tubular locks

1. Tubular Lock Overview

When we talk about locking mechanisms, many people may immediately think of deadlocks or big locks from old movies, usually these locks only need a pick to open. But tubular locks don't fit into any one category, the fact is that they have all sorts of different names and uses, and people probably know them all. Tubular locks, also known as radial locks or round tumbler locks, are known for the circular shape of their keyholes. So how do tubular locks actually work?


Explanation of the locking mechanism of the tubular lock

The reason these locks are called tubular locks is simply because of the surface of the keyway, not because of what is happening beneath the surface of the locking mechanism. Tubular locks have a metal cylinder in the middle of the ring gap, below which you'll find a traditional tumbler system with up to eight pins. These key pins are pushed horizontally rather than vertically like traditional locks with pins and tumblers.


2. What are the benefits of tubular locks


Tubular locks are one of the commonly used industrial locks. They are mainly used in various cabinets, smart terminals, electromechanical equipment, subway gates and other places to provide security for various equipment. So what are the advantages of tubular locks? let's see.


a. Security

Tubular locks aren't the most secure locks on the market, but they are more protective than the standard disc-style locks you see on many doors. As we all know, for a turn cam lock, the structure of the lock determines its safety to a certain extent. The tubular lock is composed of a lock cylinder, a round pin, a flat pin, a lock case, and a bead seat. The upper and lower rows of marbles of the tubular lock are distributed in a ring.


Tubular locks, on the other hand, are more expensive and of better quality.

Because the lock core of the tubular lock changes 7 beads or 10 beads in the same plane, the number of keys is large, the anti-technical opening and anti-destructive capabilities are strong, and it can be used in areas with slightly higher security, such as civil and industrial fields. Instead of just a row of pins where the key fits, these locks have pins all around the cylindrical plug, making them harder to pick than traditional locks. The cylinder plug is part of the device that releases the lock and allows the door to open. Tubular locks act as a deterrent to theft, as most burglars will realize that the lock is too difficult for them to pick. Tubular locks are hard to pick and even harder to break which makes them ideal for securing your home. Tubular locks are also easy to install and easy for professional locksmiths to work with.


b. Easy to manage

In some industrial application scenarios, in order to ensure the safety of equipment, the amount of shrapnel lock is very large. How to manage these cam locks is a big challenge for managers. Management is very convenient thanks to the tubular lock equipped with a master key. On the one hand, when the key of the tubular lock is lost, the master key can help to open the device; on the other hand, when the device needs to be managed and maintained, only the master key needs to be carried, which not only reduces the workload of managers, but also improves work efficiency .


c. Exquisite appearance, wear-resistant and durable

Tubular locks are mostly made of zinc alloy. After bright chrome and bright nickel treatment, it has remarkable wear-resistant, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof properties, rich in metallic luster, and prolongs its service life.

What are the benefits of tubular locks?

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