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How to Choose a Door Handle Style?

Pulished on May. 24, 2022

Now that you've found the best door knob color for your white door, it's time to choose the right style. But considering the myriad shapes and styles of door handles, the decision can certainly be daunting. In general, door handle styles can be divided into two categories: round and lever styles. 


Round Door Handles

Round door handles are always the safe choice. While they can certainly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home, they are intentionally suppressed so as not to stand out too much. These doorknobs are effortlessly designed, so they are sure to fit any interior style. 

The only downside to round door handles is that they are slightly difficult to use from a functional standpoint (i.e., with wet hands).

How to Choose a Door Handle Style?



Lever Door Handles

Lever doorknobs are more striking than round doorknobs. What's more, these doorknobs come in a variety of shapes and styles, giving you more options to fit your home's style.


There are straight and simple lever-style doorknobs that work well in homes with a minimalist aesthetic. On the other hand, there are more ornate, elegant lever-style doorknobs that are perfect for homes with a more sophisticated vibe.

How to Choose a Door Handle Style?



Should all doorknobs match?

As a general rule, doorknobs in the same general vicinity should match, or at least be similar. However, there is more to it than that.

The color and style of doorknobs may vary from room to room, especially in larger homes where the style of the rooms may be very different. For example, if the office has a unique style that differs from the rest of the home, the door handles in the home office may be different from those in the rest of the house. However, in open spaces in the same general vicinity, it is usually best to coordinate the color and style of door handles whenever possible.


Should door hinges match door handles?

In the world of home décor, few things are absolute. One of those things, however, is the rule that door hinges should match door handles. While door hinges are purely functional, hinges that clash with doorknobs are sure to be noticed and ineffective. In short, a door with mismatched knobs and hinges will look cluttered and unsightly. 


Should all hardware in the house match?

Hardware doesn't have to match throughout the house. But as a general rule, it's best to match hardware in rooms that share the same theme. For example, if a house typically has a bohemian aesthetic, then the hardware should be consistent throughout the parts of the house that echo that vibe.

Since most homes consistently have a fairly consistent style, it's a good idea to synchronize the hardware to some degree. Synchronized hardware does not necessarily have to match in style (i.e., door handles or cabinet knobs may have different shapes), but the colors should be as close as possible for a more cohesive look.

However, if there are rooms with a different theme than this central theme, the hardware can certainly fit the particular room. For example, a bohemian house might have a guest room and bathroom that would be best paired with a more neutral aesthetic. In this case, changing the hardware to fit the space would be most appropriate. 


Final words

We hope this guide has helped you better understand the factors to consider when choosing a door handle for your white door. Whatever you choose, it's sure to look great!


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